Sunday, August 20, 2006

Latest news from Montreal

Today we've got some interesting specimen from our reporter and good friend Rejane based in Montreal, thank you Réjane!

A simple (but with 47 years of experience) medium:

Mr. Kokoulo (you pay after you get results):
Mr. Taslimi:

An a gipsy woman (with natural don):
These ads have been found in the natural newspaper "24 heures", 26/06/2006.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

They seem to all be after your money mainly.

First there's a consultation for $40 or $50. At that consultation they'll either toss shells or trace your handprint. They ask for some infos the problem you want resolved, your name, the name of anyone else involved etc..

And they will always tell you that they can do it. In my case it was to have my ex girlfriend return to me. I saw 3 different Shamans (or Marabouts) like these to compare, and they all said the same thing. "you belong together" "she will be back with you it's for sure" "guranteed she's back" etc...

Then comes the cost. Alot of them say "payment after result" BUT you DO have to pay for something, and it is not cheap. They charge you anywhere from $300 to $800 for what they call "medicine". You are supposed to use this medicine over the spam of either 3, 6, 9 or 10 days (depending on what they say).
They tell you that each time after you take a shower you take a bit of the medicine and put it all over your body. Some ask you to recite something each time and meditate others do not.
Then they get you to bring them the money as soon as possible. Some rush you by saying that you need to act now, and others "kindly" point you to the nearest atm machine.
They try to get you to give them the money as soon as possible. in cases of reuniting you with your ex, they ask for a picture too.

If they sense any kind of desperation, they will push you for the money. And if you ask them "but what about the payment after result?" they usually downplay it and say "after the result give me what you can give".

If and when you give them the money they will either give you the medicine (which is in a plastic water bottle usually)right away, or they will tell you to come back at a appointed day & time, or to call then in a few days.

Now let's say nothing's happening anmd you are doing what they told you to do, they may come up with excuses, and sometimes they use these excuses to get more money out of you. They assume f you can come up with $800 fast enough, more money should be easy.

One excuse I heard by two different Shaman was "There was another man who came to see someone like me (a Shaman) to put a spell on her to get her back".

Other, if it doesn't work ask you to give what they call a "sacrifice". And this is when the big bucks come in. Usually the sacrifice involves anywhere between $1,000 to $10,000. But the "deal" is, you get it back after the week-long ritual.

Once they have the money, the ritual will somehow go on for longer, every excuse to not give it back to you will arise. And in my case, he ran off with $5,000. He told me he was going home to Africa for a bit to recharge and talk to the elders about my case. But he apparently "never returned". He no longer lived at that address.

You will notice, when you go to a Shaman's place (notice this at the consultation) that it doesn't have alot of furniture, and it's usually in cheap neighbourhoods, or an obviously low rent building.
You'll notice a separate room that has all their Occult stuff, charts pictures, alter, etc... And they will always ask you take off your shoes before entering.

They treat that apartment like an office and they will never give you their real name, they call themselves as it said in the ad you saw "Mr.Something or other".
Realize that all the money they get, consultation fees or otherwise is always cold hard untraceable cash. So, they are "sort of" running a business, but I really don't think they do taxes. So they run, they relocate and call themselves a different name and put out another ad. But only after they made enough cash. The average span they stay at a certain apartment is anywhere between 3 to 6 months, sometimes longer, but it all depends on business.

Some say they guarantee a result in a few days like 3 or 7. But you will notice it will take longer than that. Ask what the guarantee really is, and they won't know what to say. There's no money-back mentioned.

Now all this sounds very negative right? well I can't say that they are not working for you either. I've been involved in one of their rituals, I've seen them do rituals, at one point he was even right about an ex calling me, that can't be all faked. We're dealing with what I believe they truly believe so they won't screw around with it because, simply the spirits will be angry.

Their faith comes from an African-Arabic background. Marabouts, or Shamans would go around villages performing miraculous feats, yet required alot of money to do it.

Well, let's just say for me, in the end, I had no result, and I ended upbeing in debt. So approach them with caution. If they seem to eager for cash, take it as a warning and do not let your desperation take you over.

I could post so much more about my experiences with them, but it would be too long.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

NSU - 4efer, 5210 - rulez

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Russia - forever!

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